Top 10 List of Natural Home Remedies for Inflamed Pancreas

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Published: 18th January 2011
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The pancreas is a small organ that plays an important role in producing digestive juices and digestive hormones required by the body. It play in maintaining overall good health of our body, so an inflamed pancreas should never be ignored, it can be a serious which can be fatal if left untreated.

There are a number of different medicines that are available to treat inflamed pancreas, but now you are probably wondering if there is natural remedies to inflamed pancreas. Given below are some 10 useful things you can do to manage inflamed pancreas.

If so, you are going to find the following information very helpful.

1. No Alcohol
You should avoid any alcohol consumption immediately is you are experiencing any pancreas symptoms. Alcohol is is very hard on an your pancreas, and eliminating alcohol will reduce your risk of making it even worse.

2. Using the liquid Diet approach
A diet with liquid consists of soup, gelatin and broth. The liquid diet can help with the inflammation of your pancreas. This kind of inflammation causes you pain and the liquid diet will help decrease your pain that is caused by this inflammation of your pancreas.

3. Using natural analgestics with pain
You can go to the local health store and get the analgestics. This can help eliminate your pain that is related to the pancreas problem. If you need a stronger medicine for the pain you are experiencing your Doctor should be able to give you something for it.

4. Relaxing
Being relaxed more from your job and resting as much as you can, would be an ideal way of using natural remedies for a inflammed pancreas. You should never over look how tired you are feeling. Listen to the body, stay home and rest as much as you can until your body can get use to the treatment that you are doing.

5. No dairy
If you have the inflammed pancreas, you should not have dairy products (milk, cheese, eggs, and ice cream). It would be difficult for you to digest. It can cause vomiting, nausea and an upset stomach. So you should stick to the water, tea and ice for your liquid diet.

6. A Healthy lifestyle
It's never too late to live the healthy lifestyle. No more tobacco, caffeine or alcohol this can help lower your risk of getting pancreas tumor and help get rid of pancrease problems.

7. No caffeine
Coffee and coffee product must be completely avoided if you have a inflamed pancreas. Caffeine intake is very hard on your pancreas. If you are having caffeine this will cause your pancreas to work a lot more. You need the rest the pancreas more therefore it would also help it to work less.

8. No smoking
Cigarette smoking makes your pancreas work much harder. So, stop smoking will help you reduce your risk of developing acute.

9. Losing weight
With the healthy lifestyle, loosing weight is also important. Being over weight can kill you. When you have the extra weight it can be very hard on the organs and your pancreas.

10. Education
You should educate yourself so that you can know more about your pancreas. Taking cash is your key to the education that you need to help you make the correct choices and help maintain your health.

This article is not to be thought of medical advice, itís for your information only. So please advice with a Doctor before doing anything with your health.

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