Protect Yourself From Urinary Tract Infection

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Published: 18th January 2011
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It is very common with many people to get urinary tract infection repeatedly and get a huge amount of trouble. They fear to go to the washroom as they get acute flaming sensation in urinary track. They need attention and help to overcome the urinary tract infection to get some respite. They will like to get the help immediately.

Women are most prone to UTI. Whereas, it can be easily prevented by proper safeguards and you can protect yourself from this menace. Women should follow the simple things and they can prevent this problem.

Urinary tract infection is biggest problem for many women as they easily fall a prey to it over and over again. The cause is very clear, but most of the women do not recognize that they are doing many things in wrong way that causes infection and big infliction to them. You can learn here the common reasons for urinary tract infection and protect yourself from getting urinary tract infection repeatedly.

Personal hygiene and the simple ways to keep you protected are very important for preventing this type of infection. The ways women use for washing or wiping body parts after bowel movement is very important to avoid UTI. Wiping from back to front is vulnerable to get infection in urinary track easily. For women, vagina and anus are located very near to each other. While washing back to front any fecal matter can get into the urinary tract through vagina and lead to urinary tract infection. It is advisable to wipe after bowel movement from front to back to eliminate the chance of infection from this reason. Moreover, you should keep your private parts always clean.

Unprotected sex is generally the main cause for women to get urinary tract infection. Besides cleaning your body parts, it is also important to keep your vital parts as clean to prevent UTI. If you or your partner does not follow to keep clean, you and your partner may transfer the infection during unprotected intercourse. Protected sex is much safer for this reason. Partners should ensure that they keep clean so that no infection is there when they do sex. Protected sex will save woman from getting any infection from penis of her partner during intercourse.

You should also avoid being in the hot tubs and swimming pools for a long time. As many people use these facilities, the water becomes contaminated with the bacteria from people and causes infection. Your private are more prone to get the bacteria. It is better that you spend minimum time in these to avoid urinary tract infection.

Wash your hands regularly and use some sanitizer. Always take better care of your personal hygiene for good health and avoid any diseases. If you follow the proper precautions, UTI will not be a threat for you. The above steps will help to prevent the repetitive urinary tract infection as prevention is always the best way than cure.


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