Home Remedies For Muscle Cramps That Actually Work

Published: 28th September 2011
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Muscle cramps are experienced by everyone at some point or the other. It is the contraction of muscles during some regular activity such as bending down to lift something heavy or stretching upwards to reach something on a shelf. The contraction is painful and can leave you breathless and make it difficult to move.

The legs, back and arms are the common areas of the body most likely to suffer from muscle cramps. It can happen due to a number of different reasons such as overusing or straining muscles, prolonged inactivity, dehydration or injury, etc. muscle cramp scan be treated with some easy home remedies, in this article we list a few such quick remedies for cramps.

Gentle massages: A gentle massage can help you soothe the strained muscles. Rub BioFreeze to the area of your body body where you feel the cramped muscles. This improves blood circulation in the area and relieves the cramped muscles. BIOFREEZE is topical analgesic pain reliever which provide effective pain relief for sore muscles, arthritis, back, shoulder, neck strains, muscle spasm, knee, hip, ankle, and elbow joint.

Hot showers: A warm bath or hot shower can also help relieve muscle cramps. Allow water that is as hot as you can bear to flow over the cramped muscles. The heat will relax the muscles.

Stretching: If the muscles in your calf are cramped then try this method. Stretch your legs towards your head with the toes pointing upwards. Stay in the same position for 30 minutes, this also helps relax the muscles in the back of the thighs. If the front thigh muscles are cramped then pull the leg towards your buttocks and stay in he same position for 30 minutes. Regular stretching regimen can keep your muscles flexible and relaxed helping you avoid future muscle cramps.

Heat or cold treatment: An ice pack rubbed over the affected area for about 10 minutes or till the area turns red helps to relax the muscles. The redness is due to the blood cells warming the muscles. Heat treatment is a good alternative, using a heating pad you can stimulate blood flow and soothe the muscle.

Hydration: Muscle cramps can also be caused by dehydration. Drink a lot of water everyday and always compensate for lost fluids daily.

Healthy diet: If you suffer from cramps very often then it could be a sign of nutrient deficiency. Lack of minerals like potassium and calcium can cause cramps. Add high calcium food such as yoghurt and milk in your diet and also those rich in potassium such as bananas and potatoes. A doctor can help you develop a balanced diet plan.

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea contains an amino acid called glycine which helps relax muscles. To relieve muscle cramps you will need to drink at least 5 cups a day.

Honey: You can prevent recurring leg and foot cramps by taking 2 teaspoons of honey with meals daily.

Mustard and pickle juice: Take a spoonful of mustard or a few ounces of pickle juice to prevent leg cramps.

Apple cider vinegar: This is rich source of potassium. Drink a mixture of honey, a teaspoon, with 2 teaspoons of the vinegar and warm water.


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